Spring Break Anyone?

I’m not sure which creates more spring fever – the teasing warm days we just experienced in February, while walking in sunshine with bare arms, our faces turned to the warmth, or the recent backlash of snow and ice reminding us that it is still winter in the northern hemisphere.

But I am thinking of the daffodils and tulips poised for celebration, upcoming horseback gallops through verdant fields, and the tossing aside of gloves and scarves.  And spring is a great time to travel – beating the crowds and heat of summer.  There is a sweet spot in the next few months to venture forth – the weeks after Easter and spring breaks but before the release of school children and the intro into family vacations.

Where to go?  There are so many choices, but I am reminded of my spring adventure in Italy just a few years ago, traveling from north to south, rewarded with warming days enjoyed in long sleeves, bolstered by a fleece or jacket at night.

I started in Venice, exploring the cathedrals, art museums, and random twisting streets learning that even the locals admitted to getting lost when they wandered outside of their neighborhood.



I then boarded a train to Florence, joining hundreds to circle the Duomo and explore the shops and museums.





I felt brave enough to take on the challenge of renting a car and driving down to Siena,


Duomo, Siena

then continued on to enjoy the countryside, driving among the wineries and hills as the tulips bloomed,


Tuscany Tulips, Montalcino

stopping to sip the regional Rosso, Brunello, and Chianti wines.


Chianti sign in Tuscany

I didn’t forget to linger in Rome and say “Ciao” to Pope Francis,


Palm Sunday, Rome

before confirming that the Leaning Tower of Pisa lives up to its name.


Leaning Tower of Pisa

After time spent in museums, cathedrals, and shops, I headed to Cinque Terre to walk the trails and breath in the air along the Italian Riviera.

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre

A final stop in Milan completed my tour of the upper half of Italy.  There is so much to see and do, I found it hard to select a few sights but have every intention of returning to enjoy it even more.  For more information on my travels, visit my website: www.wanderlynn.com.



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